Nazriya nazim religion. Nazriya is not going to do glamorous roles.

  I found few people looking for Nazriya Nazim's religion. Nazriya is muslim by religion. Since she is a muslim girl, people commenting on many of her facebook pages, to quit film industry or not to do any glamorous roles. Nazriya says that she will not be doing glamorous role. She also added that she has a good support from her family and hence, there will be guidance from her family for her upcoming projects. Read the article on   More
  1. Shafaf.M

    Nazzz……. U r such an awesome girl I ever seen…… Like U sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3

  2. Mohammed Basheer

    You are beautiful, but need to improve your acting skill, I think, your talent is more in Singing, but of course you can improve acting …

  3. saleem

    ungala ennaku romba pidikum.neega cinema ku varalana ungala pathuruka mudiyathu.intha msg a neega padipingala illayanu ennaku theriyathu.irunthalum soldren cinema ungaluku thevaya??? .ethanayo per cinema la irukanga.neega muslim athanal than soldren….. please……………….

    1. ARSHATH

      Your 100% right Saleem…
      I’m proud of you as a MUSLIM

      neenga ketadhu 100% sari Saleem
      nan ungala nenachi peruma paduren oru MUSLIM’ah


    Nazriya please AFRAID OF ALLAH…and please leave this CINEMA it’s HARAM please ask DUA & he’ll forgive your all sins and say KALIMA and come back to ISLMA Please I’m Kindly asking this

    1. Akber aly

      she can’t lose her rights ,abilities and skills as she is a muslim girl.
      All terrorists are muslims in all over the world. so you proud of that you are a muslim alrigt?

    2. abdul salam

      yes brother…….I m also worry about nazriya,karala muslim is very strong but how she come this filde ya allah guide the way of islam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nazriya please don’t miss use the Islamic name………

  5. nazriya Post author

    Posts will be moderated soon. Please do not discuss about religion on this website.
    Fans are always welcome. Criticize only on movies.

    1. Mohamed

      ok we wont discuss about religion. then why you put in your profile you are a muslim by religion?

    2. tarikhasan

      i like ur cute acting …!!! but pls aviod glamour appearens . this normal acting is amazing to u ……
      assalam alaikum . and can u say my wish to ariya brother to go top in the field and u . advance happy birth day to u …. i am same B.B.A final yr …… same to u ….

    3. Naveen

      you are so cute nazriya.. I think you are the most cutefull girl in this world..I wanna ask you something.. my name is Naveen and your brother name is also Naveen.. iam hindu but you are

    4. Naveen

      How do you got this cuteness nazriya??iam so exciting in look at your cutefull face..I know you are really not a girl.. just an angel..

  6. A.Marimuthu

    Nan ungala last month one mrg function la pathen nenga adi poleaya irunthenga nenga vantha aparam than function super a irunthathu nenga anka photo pidichathula ipavum oru photo en mobile a iruku pls repy.

    1. mohameed jaffer.

      hello nazriya this is jaffer.i am wachting you last 2movies your akteing is very good.last 1week your issu is very hot.pls you can’t came to cine fellt?pls

  7. Habeeb

    Unna enakku romba pidikum But cinema’la nadikkirathu konjam kooda istam illa.nazha paralokatha orthu nadanthukko.

  8. Habeeb

    Ivvalavu peru solli ne cinema’va vittu maralla’na allah unna summa vida maatan.yein solreina oruthan thapunu theriyama oru pavam seiran’na allah poruthu tharuvaan but pavam’nu therinjum oruthan pavam seitha’na avanukku mannipey kidayathu.So Nazriya please AFRAID OF ALLAH…and please leave this CINEMA it’s HARAM please ask DUA & he’ll forgive your all sins and say KALIMA and come back to ISLAM Please I’m Kindly asking this………

    1. abdul

      she is in lust with money and fame. dont expect her to believe in islam. she will use islam as a weapon if she or her family is in trouble. highly self centric people.


    nazriya nazim ellarum unnudaiya nallathukku than sollranga naanum athuthan sollran cinema vanam vitturru.oru muslim oru muslimukku nallathuthan solluvanga purunchukko.indha ulaham poyanathu marumaya ninaithu par nazriya nazim.

    1. abdul

      she don’t believe in Allah. if she does she wouldn’t be doing what she is doing. she is yet another Nathiya or Kushboo. She is already involved with a non-muslim actor in tamil. she will soon officially leave the religion. She made name and fame as a kid using muslim mappilla. now she wants more name and fame. she will do what is necessary to get that.

  10. abdul

    this giril misused islam when she had the problem with tamil director, but she is only a muslim by name. she would leave islam soon for the tamil actor ith whom she is in love. she and her family should stop misusing islam for personal gains.

  11. ameen

    if some one give comments agains islam or muslim..i will kill…u….m…….f……. she is not a muslim!!!! she is munafiq!!!

  12. Jhanartan Ram

    hi ! i’ve watched your performance many times you are so cute your the angel of dreams i like you soooooo much you look very beautiful in neram i’ve sent you friend request many times please accept it thank you

  13. ruzna

    Nazriya ur soo cute anehhh
    Hope u wud get grt success nw in film industry bt becareful of de qiyammah kk
    Wish u gd luck

  14. ruzna

    Nazriya ur soo cute anehhh
    Hope u wud get grt success nw in film industry bt becareful of de qiyammah kk
    Nd u think dat evryone likez u bt datz all fake so live fr de real life nt fr diz waste dunyah k

  15. juhi

    you stupid shankimonkey ur not sappouse to say about mohamed.u dont knw spelling of mohamed but ur speeking about mohamed

  16. juhi

    hey shankimonkey how dare ur sayng about muslim…
    by ur being non muslim ur so gud in ur behaviour ….ur also doing some nonsence by disturbng the society……..
    u stupids are followng stones..
    .u dont knw follwng of stone is funny and mad thng….but ur dong….
    islam is very piece ful and way of heaven but u all will go to helllll……..

    ur not sappous for say about muslim….
    mind it

    1. shaleni

      every religion is worshipping god not stone,, u had to respect other religion as well as your religion,, if shankimonkey talk bad thing about your race just try to ask him to speak properly and don’t comment other religion, that’s not a good attitude ! behave yourself and mind your words ! okay ..

  17. shaleni

    juhi, shankimonkey had talked like a nonsense but u don’t have to talk nonsense thing about non-muslims, okay.. You should GIVE RESPECT AND TAKE RESPECT !

  18. samseera bayar

    am a pure sunni frm mappila malabar n proud to be muslim…. so bettr nt keep our religion n dispute as it is a peaceful dheen… n wen it comes to nazriya shez a gud actress letz nt spoil her image n her official website… allah has all the rite to judge gud n bad…..if nt possble n ths era v vl surely meet her on judgement day……..” nazrya i like u n respectng ua religion is up to u….. hope u vl come to know evrythng……. let me
    remembr u ua a muslim……… ……



    your wel wisher sam bayar

  19. Rohit

    I found few people looking for Nazriya
    *now a days actress r fighting by exposing much more!
    #il respect lyk actress NAZRIYA

    1. safrin

      pleas nazriya leave from cinima as a sister i said u. because you know about islam very well pleas.

      naam inda ulahattukkaha valfawarhal illai. marumai taan nammudaya valvu nan neeng ellarum suvarkam poha vandum pleas ma. allah onrai haraamakkinal azatku pala karanangal irukkum pleas cinima wittudunga neenga oru salihana girl aha irukkanum endru nan ezirpakran. wassalm

  20. zubairsha

    Nee nallavala Illa kettavala

    Eduku answer pantena unnaku evuloo Peru advice panni avanga time waste pani eruka matanga


  21. trust

    pple i can c that many of u hve advised her she’s nt gonna take it…jst lev t upto her..
    she will hve to pay her debts at end….all v cn do is jst pry for her…..

  22. Zee Nazeeha

    Nazriya, i like you so much u’ve enough beauty and we all like it and love it. But just think about it’s negative toO. Please, do live for Aakirah and not for this dunya. Although i like you please do add me. Please i’m your big fan… Expecting to know ur real account. Faithful fan. Zee Nazeeha.

  23. zainulabdeen

    Nazriya really i like ur acting but i also say the same please ask for fogiveness from allah he will forgive you . say kalimah and be with islam please. This is a great re

  24. Ayesha

    Hi nazriya u r so cute gud acting . But cine field vena vitrunga ivlo peru solrangala kealunga pls enakk pidichavanga thappu panna pannatinganu solvean athea than ungakita solrean pls pls pls pls ma

  25. Yazmin

    Hi Nazriya ! U look so beautiful and cute. I like ur acting. I seriously hope u to be what and how u r. Because everybody has seen so many actresses who say that they dislike glamour but later on enter into such scenes just for fame. But do not try think that people will love you only if u acted in such manner. But just believe people love and like u even now. So keep this limit and
    continue. All the best !!!!!!

  26. mujahith

    plz everyone.listen.if cinema is haram then why r u watching.first make ourselves right.ok.dont comment anyone with your point of view.

  27. Rafathullah

    please remove your cinema life. ……………and pray every time allah ………….assalamu aalaikum varahmathulaahi vabarakathu

  28. Alina

    Assalamu alaikum nazriya, I have seen many times from was soooooooooo cute and is still very cute.i am not forcing u, but leave the film industry.i am saying it for ur good.pls don’t be angry with me for saying this because I am ur very very very big fan

  29. santhana selvan

    hi nazriya how r u I am your fantastic fan why u know I like your acting style and u are straight way women but u r very preety ok I am send u greeting for happy married life ok cu cu cu again

  30. Arshad

    Dear everyone, as a Muslim, as our teaches our religion it’s really prohibited to earn through showing ao appearing since the modeling is been prohibited(haraam) in Islam. My beloved brothers and sisters, please consider that we are here for a short time of period and we have back as soon as a call has made, The Death. As Muslim we believe that only we can harvest what we sow here and rather than we keep doing criticizing others, Let us keep correcting ourselves. At the same time it’s a quality of a true believer that stopping a sin what in front of him is taking place. From that category, i kindly request oue beloved sister, Nazriya Nazim to have a Fatuwa regard this matter from a Great scholar and am only capable of that, to ask her to do in a good manner. May Almighty bless you all and grant all of us the most valuable Paradise.

  31. aimy

    well,evrybody r talkin about wat they think.and the one called shankimonkey is tryin to spoil the whole soup.evrybody shud learn to respect eachother n all the other religions,let it b any religion,we r all created by the same creater,there is only one god for all,at first try to understand that simple thing.this doesnt apply only for shankimonkey,bt for all.and that one n only god is ALLAH.get that in to ur minds.and as a muslim i have to say this to shanki monkey “do respect all the religion.and most importantly mind ur words b4 talkin against anythin.i dnt care from where u r n who u r.the only thing wat maters for me is wat u told to my holy prophet.if u r so dare cum n fite with us directly”

  32. fathima nifla

    hello sister.
    neega unmaiyana muslim thnea…?
    allahwa nambi thnea irkureega.
    plz olungana muslim girla irungalea.
    apa than maththa makkalku hidhayath kidaikkum.
    allahkaha act panradha wittudunga.
    alaha irundha mattum podhazu.
    adakka olukkam mukkiyam.


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